using read restart with fix langevin

Dear All

I’ve used “fix langevin” command in my script with “restart” command, and I read this sentence in lammps manual about fix langevin:
" No information about this fix is written to binary restart files. Because the state of the random number generator is not saved in restart files, this means you cannot do “exact” restarts with this fix, where the simulation continues on the same as if no restart had taken place. However, in a statistical sense, a restarted simulation should produce the same behavior."

I used “read restart” command in another script, in which only “fix langevin” command is applied. now my question is, are the results obtained by this method reliable?


you should be able to answer this question yourself by learning what the difference is between identical and equivalent (in the statistical sense) trajectories.
for example, if you do multiple runs of the same initial configuration and identical inputs except for the random seed of the langevin thermostat. what is the result? which simulation(s) is/are “reliable”?