[USNCCM2011 short course]: Installation problem of openkim-api-v0.1.1


I am trying to fix a few installation issues in a 64-bit Mac machine (Mac OS X Server 10.6.8). I also encountered the same problem in the previous version (openkim-api-v0.1.0).

I was able to run the Makefile in $KIM_DIR. Then, I tried running ./run_all_tests under $KIM_DIR/TESTs to see if everything is alright. While some of the tests were successful, I got some segmentation fault error messages for many tests. Please see the attached file (all_tests.out) that I obtained from the following sequence of commands:

all_tests.out (79.5 KB)

Hi Sonjoy.

Thanks for bring this to our attention. We have confirmed the problem and are currently working on a fix.

Ryan S. Elliott

Hi Sonjoy,

I believe we have fixed the problem with the release of v0.1.2.

There was a bug in the kim_api_get_nbc_method_f() function that caused it to return a 32bit pointer instead of a 64bit pointer. This caused the problems.

Please try again with v0.1.2 and post another message if it doesn't work!


The KIM Team