VMD atom selection

Hello Axel,

I had built a system in VMD using the topo tools. The system consists of graphene walls and water molecules. The water molecules were available earlier in lammps data format and I had used the topo readlammpsdata to open those molecules in VMD. The graphene walls were built by using the nanotube builder available in VMD. But whenever I use the command topo writelammpsdata, the data file only contains the water molecules.

I had built the system in the following way:

1.From VMD, generated a single graphene sheet, saved the coordinates and then replicated them to my desired coordinates (orientation) .

  1. selected the graphene sheets by the set command [atomselect top all]

  2. set the mass, type and name.

  3. read the lammpsdata file of water molecules.

  4. then again selected all the atoms by the set command.

  5. wrote the lammpsdata file. However it seems only the water molecules are present!

Could you please advise me how to select all the atoms and write them into a single data file?

Thanks and Regards,