Vmd visualization with color ~ kinetic energy, BUT with varying number of atoms

Dear all,

I am doing simulations of deposition of atoms on a surface.

Thanks to the topotools I manage to visualize the process in vmd correctly and seemlessly.

Now I want to visualize the kinetic energy of the individual atoms as a color of the atoms themselves.

So instead of dumping:
dump Evolution all xyz 1 Coord-data.xyz
dump_modify Evolution element C

I dump as follows:
compute KinE all ke/atom
dump EvT all custom 1 Coord-data-Ekin.xyz element x y z c_KinE
dump_modify EvT element C

The problem occurs when I want to visualize in vmd.
The same topotool script that was working before
does not work any longer with this format of the dump.

Any clue on how to solve the problem ?

What do I have to modify / download to visualize what I want ?

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Daniele Scopece