where is the manual for lammps otc 2010 edition

Dear all:

I need to switch from latest lammps edition to lammps 2010 oct edition to do some calculation on supercomputer. Using the same input file to try, I got following error message:

LAMMPS (31 Oct 2010)
Reading restart file …
WARNING: Restart file version does not match LAMMPS version
restart file = 8 Jun 2011, LAMMPS = 31 Oct 2010
ERROR: Illegal units command
mpiexec: Warning: task 0 exited with status 1.

Although I commented out the units command line in the input file. So I believe I should convert the binary restarting file of latest lammps edition into text file to let the old lammps to run. But checking the tools/ directory in the lammps package, I can see something like: restart2data.cpp and binary2txt.cpp. Those are cpp files. In order to run them, what I should do? Thank you very much.


I don't believe that the ERROR showning below is related to
the restart file. I don't know if current LAMMPS can read your
old restart file. I would expect more output that I'm not seeing.

You can use tools/restart2data to convert your restart file
to a new data file. Read the top of the cpp file to see how
to do that - it's simple.