Whether the LAMMPS can do the transformation of Ti alloys(solid phase transition)

Hi all, I need you help.
Because the two phase(alpha: hcp and beta: bcc) exist in Ti alloys, whether the LAMMPS can simulate the beta/alpha transformation of Ti alloys during heat treatment? for example, phase precipitation or dissolution, or the change of the energy in this case. Btw, how difficult is it to simulate solid-state phase transitions using the LAMMPS.

This is not a question about using LAMMPS (or some other MD simulation software) but rather about how to apply the MD simulation method to study phase transitions in general (and how to go about it).

That is not so much a discussion topic for a forum like this, but something that you should search the literature for. Find studies that have looked at phase transitions of alloy and how they studied them. Then you can check in the LAMMPS manual whether the required tools are available and - if needed - ask questions about how to use them (i.e about the syntax and semantics). However, how to best do the science of your research is something that you adviser/supervisor/colleagues are much more suitable people to discuss matters with than a mailing list or forum about a software.