Why does the amount of elasticity data for materials continue to decrease?

Last year, the number of elastic data for materials was close to 10,000.But now the total quantity is only over 7000. Is this part of the data deleted, and why?

Hi @mmmmri,

This is a good question. I think there should be a formal announcement or page in our documentation to fully address this to reduce confusion.

Most of the Materials Project database is re-built in a deterministic manner from the source calculations on every database release. This is not currently the case for the elastic tensors, which are served as a static dataset. We are currently in the process of making sure the elastic data is also re-built deterministically in a similar way to other datasets (thanks to the kind efforts of @Mingjian_Wen).

In the process, we are also improving our rules for validation, and running new calculations, so that the elastic dataset can both be improved and expanded, including deprecating (with appropriate warnings) older data that no longer meet quality standards. This is intended for a subsequent database release.

This is not a full response to your question, but I wanted to share some additional information and context.

Hope this helps,