Why has the material Al31Mn5Cu3 (mp-1197126) disappeared?

Hi all, I have come across a tricky problem. I had also searched for Al31Mn5Cu3 (mp-1197126) on Materials Project in November. But now when I want to use it again, I can’t find it and I get an “error” when I open the original saved URL. Does anyone know why?

Hi @Nong! This material was recently deprecated. You can still access its summary data (what you would see on the website) or task data (the calculation details page on the site) through MP’s python API as follows:

from mp_api.client import MPRester

with MPRester(<your API key>) as mpr:
    summary_docs = mpr.materials.summary.search(material_ids=["mp-1197126"],deprecated=True)
    task_docs = mpr.materials.tasks.search(task_ids=["mp-1197126"])

If this material is useful to you, you can save either document to a JSON file:

from emmet.core.utils import jsanitize
from monty.serialization import dumpfn

dumpfn(jsanitize(<summary_docs or task_docs>), <name of output file>.json )

Thank you very much for your detailed response! Your explanation has been extremely helpful to me.Additionally, I would like to ask why a material has been deprecated. Is it because there were errors in the previous data content?Once again, thank you for your patience and assistance; it has truly been invaluable to me.

I marked this for deprecation as part of an audit of our structures with ICSD origins. This structure was flagged because the reported stoichiometry differed from what existed in MP.

Looking at this by hand, this is due to an error in how the ICSD CIF file was written. The structure we had in MP appears to be consistent with the ICSD one.

This structure will likely be added back as part of a batch recompute, so you are safe to use the properties from this structure if you still need them.