windows parallel executable problem on W7

Hi all,

I’m trying to run lammps on W7 with multiple processors. I downloaded the latest windows parallel executable version (21Dec2011). Also followed the steps to install mpich2 on cmd logged as administator. I have the mpiexec.exe, smpd.exe, lmp_win_mpi.exe and my lammps file in same directory. However when I try to run lammps as ;

mpiexec -np 3 -localonly lmp_win_mpi -in mylmmps.lmi

I have the error message: application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)

Thanks, G.

I also checked mpich2 if it works as

C:\Program Files\MPICH2\bin\mpiexec.exe -n 3 C:\Program Files\MPICH2\examples\cpi.exe

and it didnt give any errors. What should I do

Any help is appreciated…


Sounds like an MPI problem,
not a LAMMPS problem. Maybe someone
with Windows experience can comment.


probably, you need to use mpich2 IA32 version.

Looks like its working. As my script takes much time to execute the output did not appeared yet, however my assigned cpus seem to work in task manager.

Thank you so much…


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