ZBL + ReaxFF with different outer cutoff for ZBL

Dear all,
I am running a simulation with ReaxFF and ZBL, but I do not know how to define different ZBL outer cutoff for each pair interaction that I have. Can anyone help me one this topic?
Thanks in advance,
Samuel Bertolini

You cannot with the ZBL pair style included in LAMMPS. In which way would that be needed, since this is a very “short” interaction anyway?

UPDATE: You may try defining the ZBL pair style multiple times with different cutoffs.

UPDATE^2: Rather than adding ZBL, I would consider using tabulation where you also subtract the corresponding repulsive non-bonded interaction for the atom pair to be replaced more cleanly by ZBL, which would then also allow to use a switching function to smoothly transition between the two non-bonded functions. There is an example for adding ZBL to an EAM potential in the tools/tabulate folder

Thanks a lot. I will check the tabulated examples. I think this will solve the problem.
Maybe you saved me! Thanks for the help.