500 Internal server error

I need help. How do I resolve the issue of 500 internal server error in a Jupyter notebook? This error comes up anytime I am opening a Jupyter notebook I created and worked on previously. I have tried some recommendations from the internet, but it still comes back.

Please post a full error message for us to be able to help you. You might also have to upgrade your mp-api client.

The error message is just “500: internal server error” when I am opening files that I have created in the python 3 (ipykernel) in the new environment but I am able to open the file with base(root) but can’t edit it from the base root.

Hi @Siisu,

This issue sounds like a general issue with your Jupyter installation. There are resources online that may be able to help you with this:

Since this is the Materials Project forum, we are probably not the best place to be able to help you troubleshoot. Let us know if you have a specific issue with using the Materials Project or its API.

Thank you Patrick and Matthew for your responses. I will look at the installation and see how to resolve it.

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