A basic question about Nose-Hoover thermostat

The equation of motion which Nose proposed is the form:

     dp/dt = F–ξp

ξ means a friction term, and it governed by:

     dξ/dt = (1/Q)*[(p*p/2m)-(gkT)]

     Q = gkT/(τ*τ)

Q and τ refers to "thermal inertia" and "relaxation time" respectively. g is the degree of freedom.

My problems are:

1. Does the Nose-Hoover thermostat in LAMMPS's code write by the above formula?

2. Does τ set from "fix 1 all nvt temp T_start T_stop T_damp"?

Thanks very much!
Linesa Liu

The doc page for fix nvt cites several papers and has
an extensive discussion of how it is implemented.


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