A bug may be found.

Lammps developer,

I am using the lammps in TACC Stampede. They installed the latest version of lammps called lamps/20Mar14 in stampede. I guess that this March version is the latest one installed in Stampede, even if you released April and May versions.

When I use “fix bond/create” command, the jparam does not work. For example,

fix 1 all bond/create 100 14 13 10.5 17 iparam 1 20 jparam 1 21

From the above command, the Atom type 13 was not changed to Atom type 21.

The Atom type 14 was changed to Atom type 13.

Has this bug been fixed for April and May versions of lammps?

If so, I will request TACC for updating and installing the very latest version of lammps?



Why not check this page first?



All right, the version on April 8 fixed this logic error. I will request TACC to update the version after April 8th.

C.W. Jang