A couple of new policies for atomate devs: file sizes and integration tests

Hi all,

As atomate starts to mature, two new policies will go into effect to make sure that the code remains usable and stable:

  1. PRs that fail integration tests will never be merged until they pass. Sometimes, people’s code is correct but they are waiting for a dependent code (e.g., pymatgen) to release a new update in order to pass the tests. Earlier, such code would be accepted. Going forward, you must coordinate a release with the dependent code before merging into atomate.

  2. Unit tests must make a best effort attempt to reduce the number and size of files being pushed into atomate. We do not want a >1GB codebase for people to clone just because people were too lazy to pick and choose what files actually need to be there for unit tests. The size of atomate is already >400MB which is getting to be too large.