A data base of compounds ABO3 type where atomic properties can be accessed

Hello Everyone,

I want to create a file by accessing the data from literature. The file contains a number of element in the form of **O3/or ABO3 (like CaFeO3, BaSiO3 etc. )
The file may looks like this:


Elements A_OS(oxidation state) B_OS A_IE(ionization energy) B_IE …
CaFeO3 0.5 0.2 0.001 0.02 …
BaSiO3 0.51 0.18 0.001 0.03 …

I have seen one basic tutorial “Lecture 1 | Wenhao Sun

I have few queries:

  1. Here very few properties of compounds are mentioned. How can I get the list of properties in the form of keywords? (e.g density, tolerance factor, octa-hedral factor, stability etc.)
  2. I need to also access the properties of atom A and B of ABO3 compound individually (e.g. A_OS, A_IE) in that row.
  3. How do create a file for all the data after accessing the data as mentioned in the link?

Please feel free to ask about any query if it is not clearly understandable.

Thanks and Regards