about “fix thermal/conductivity”

Hello Everyone,

I am running LAMMPS (28 Jun 2014) to calculate the thermal conductivity using Muller-Plathe algorithm.
I run the example in the folder "KAPPA", input file name "in.mp" , then I met the problem "**ERROR: Invalid fix style (../modify.cpp:731**)".
I have installed the MISC package before compiling LAMMPS executable.
I do not understand why this fix is coming to be invalid.
Any help on this will be much appreciated.

fix thermal/conductivity is in the src/MISC package.
Did you include it when you built LAMMPS?


I have included the src/MISC package (“make yes-USER-MISC”, Is it right?).

I have included the src/MISC package ("make yes-USER-MISC", Is it right?).

but have you also *compiled* after that? and used the newly created executable?

you can easily check which fixes are included through the -h command
line flag. please see the manual for details.