about the combination rules of tersoff potential

please respond to the mailing list not individual people. this way
others can comment as well and see how the problem is resolved.

Hi, I have, and I have a program for the combination of AlN and GaN
but, there seems some problems, from the results, I can see that the atom Al

have you verified that your program works correctly on some examples
where the result is already known?

and Ga can not maitain VDW distance. I do not know how to alter these
paramter, or can I use tersoff potential only for Al-N; Ga-N and using Lj
potential for Ga and Al, I need an example.

this really is more of a parameterization question and thus not really
a LAMMPS question. you need to ask somebody that has experience in
parameterizing tersoff potentials. not sure if you can find anybody
like that on this mailing list.