About the error—— bond atoms missing

Dear all,

I am running an MD simulation with lammps .My model is that a triangular spring-bead lattice follow a linear-Hookean force extension law derived from a harmonic potential.Springs break if they extend beyond some critical length,rc.

When I serially calculate this model ,there is no error at any time.However , it presents the error “ERROR on proc 9: Bond atoms 180096 180097 missing on proc 9 at step 75140 (neigh_bond.cpp:55)”, once I parallelly compute this model .
May I have your suggestions ? Many thanks for your reply .

That error happens in parallel when a processor owning
one bond can’t find the other atom in the bond,
typically b/c it is further away than the ghost atom

communication allows for. It either means bad
dynamics or that your pairwise cutoff is shorter than

you allow bonds to stretch. If the latter then
the communicate cutoff setting can be used to compensate.