About the FireWorks category

Questions related to the FireWorks high-throughput computing software and rocketsled, an optimization package for FireWorks. Bug reports should go directly to the GitHub Issues page.

All users and developers are welcome to post general questions, issues, or suggestions about the software. If you are using it for the first time, it is highly recommended that you consult FireWorks’ official documentation to see if solutions to your problem already exist.

Although we are very receptive to questions and issues in the FireWorks code, many issues are related to the user’s particular workflow. Please keep in mind the following two things, otherwise your question will most likely be rejected:

  • Include enough information for the group to solve the problem. If there is an error, you must include all error traces. For example, print the output of “lpad get_fws -i <FW_ID> -d all”, where <FW_ID> is the one giving an issue. Also include any standard error out. This will help determine whether the issue is related to FireWorks or is something to do with your workflow itself.

  • Questions about particular workflow problems (for example, about materials science workflows) that are not specific to the FireWorks software overall will be rejected. This list is for questions about the underlying FireWorks software, not any libraries on top of FireWorks. If your error is not related to the core FireWorks library, the question will be rejected. If your question is about Atomate, please post your question in the Atomate forum.