About the reference state of Enthalpy

“thermo_style” command could output the Enthalpy of the simulated system, any one can tell me what’s the reference state of Enthaly?


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Aidan probably knows off the top of his head.


The enthalpy is actually computed as:

      enthalpy = etotal + press*vol

or in the code:

  dvalue = etmp + ptmp*vtmp/(force->nktv2p);

where etotal, volume and pressure are all instantaneous values. This
equation is analogous to the thermodynamic equation:

H = U + pV

This definition does not use a reference state (state where H is
identically zero). However, for a system at zero temperature (all
velocities = 0) and zero pressure (dEpot/dV = 0), the enthalpy will be
equal to Epot, where Epot is the potential energy of the interatomic
potential. So I suppose you could use that as the reference state. There
are other choices for enthalpy that can be made that may be more
appropriate for specific applications.