About thermal conductivity calculation of Graphene

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Below is your previous response for the problem. I cannot think of why the area should be 503.4, not be 5050. Could you explain in detail about this?

Think again. The area should be 50×3.4
That will make the conductivity of 10 nm graphene to be ~ 150 W/mK which is very close to what many reports have published.


I have no idea what you your past conversation was about but looks like Vikas is talking about the lateral area (conduction takes place between spaced regions on the graphene layer). You are assuming conduction is normal to the layer which is wrong (that’s why the 50X50).

The cross sectional area through which heat conduction takes place will be 50 x 3.4 because 3.4 I think 3.4 is the van der waal’s diameter for each carbon atom. Graphene, being a single layered structure can be considered to be 3.4 A thick. Check Alaghemandi’s (the one I recall right now…there are countless honestly) paper and I think you will get the exact value.

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