About torque fluctuations

Dear all,
I’m running a twist simulation on carbon nanotubes. when

The simulation was performed at 0.01K, and I could see a smooth torque graph, but again

At 300K, the torque fluctuates greatly. Can someone give us some guidance on this? Thank you very much.


Why should it not fluctuate significantly more at 300K?
Please look at the fluctuations of kinetic energy and forces for both temperatures. Do you see larger fluctuations there, too?

I am very glad to receive your answer.
In some scholar’s article, I noticed that in their study, can get some at 300 k temperature relatively smooth torque figure, although there are shaking, but not by much, can roughly show the law of the rising and falling, but in my simulation, dithering especially big, can’t see trends, what guidance for this phenomenon?

This is really more a question for your adviser (or the author(s) of the publication that you are following) than for this forum. I am certainly not your adviser and have no knowledge (and don’t aspire to have any) about your research, what is written in the paper, and how you plan to interpret that data.
If I had to guess, I would guess that the authors were using time averaged data, but that is just that: a guess.