About units of fix indent

Dear LAMMPS users

I am currently working on indentation using “fix indent” command.

I want to know units of output that “fix indent” command geneates.

I know “fix indent”calculates force and energy by using f_IDi and f_ID.

However, LAMMPS document don’t explain about units of “fix indent”.

In my case, I use units command “metal” in this work. So, I think that units of f_ID[] (force of “fix indent”)is eV/A.

Is it correct? Just in case, I write my input files below and express LAMMPS version using in my work.

My LAMMPS version is patch_23Jun2022-501-g9061be98c2.

indentation.in (2.0 KB)

Any input or directions given would be highly appreciated.

LAMMPS uses the units as described in the documentation of the units command.
There are no explicit descriptions on the individual pages since they depend on the units setting.
So forces are in force units and energies in energy units as selected.

Thanks for replying and your opinion!