Access to the JSON train data

I’ve been trying to access the 800 JSON training data used in the “Named Entity Recognition and Normalization Applied to Large-Scale InformationExtraction from the Materials Science Literature” paper, supposedly accessible with the doi However, when trying to access this link, the ressource is not available anymore. I wanted to know if this was a deliberate action from the devs and researchers, or if there has just been some kind of mistake made somewhere ?

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Thanks for brining this to our attention! It seems like the DOI link is broken. Here is a direct link:


It seems like there is an issue with the DOIs in the Chemrxiv version of the paper. The links in the JCIM paper are correct.


Great ! Thanks a lot !

On the matscholar website the abstract parsing tool can label property values and units. Is it possible to obtain this dataset? The dataset you linked above does not label property values and units; only the name of properties.