Access to the version of the 2022 dataset of materials project data by matminer

Dear friends
I used to work with the matminer to access the materials project dataset in our code, for updating them when we want to gain new version datasets of MP (2022) We can not capture the new data in the MP project. Does any way to reach it from matminer?
Truly yours

Hi @babakehsan

The datasets we have on matminer are only snapshots of the MP database at any given time; they are certainly not guaranteed to represent the latest and greatest developments in MP.

To get the newest data from the materialsproject, you should use one of matminer’s data retrieval classes such as MPDataRetrieval from matminer.data_retrieval.retrieve_MP (matminer/ at cc3c97a8bd4bd2b1e8ef701c1fb0cc058197d259 · hackingmaterials/matminer · GitHub)

This will allow you to flexibly download data from the materials project into a dataframe compatible with matminer. Note that these datasets you’ll be downloading are not like the load_dataset(<<dataset_name>>) kind of datasets in matminer in that you’ll be able to choose what criteria and properties you are interested in before downloading them.