Accessing all Batteries using Materials Project API (or all possible battids)

Hi, is there a way to use an mpquery or a similar command to get all the battery materials in the battery explorer (note, I want to do this without inputting any battid or formulas as in the answer using mpr.get_battery_data = get_battery_data(compound))

Sure. Try mpr._make_request('/battery/all_ids') to get a list of battids.


Thanks! Is there also a comparable request to get all the ids (mp and mvc) from the materials explorer? I tried to extrapolate the batteryid request but no success.

I was trying to get all the sodium ion batteries from the battery explorer, by doing this:

get_battery_id = API._make_request(‘/battery/all_ids’)
print(f"Battery Id: {get_battery_id}")
criteria = {
I did not get the data I wanted. Maybe there’s something wrong with the criteria.

Hi @mario_Chiaparini,

please refer to the replies to this forum question for guidance on how to retrieve the battery data through our new API.


Hi @tschaume
I already solve the problem:
all_bat_ids_list = (mpr._make_request(‘/battery/all_ids’))
all_battery_dataframe = pd.DataFrame([])
for batt_id in all_bat_ids_list:
if (batt_id.contains(‘_Na’)):

        result_bat_id = pd.DataFrame(mpr.get_battery_data(batt_id))
        adj_pairs = result_bat_id['adj_pairs']
        adj_pairs_list = list(adj_pairs)
        in_list = pd.DataFrame(list(adj_pairs_list[0]))
        max_d_vol = pd.DataFrame(in_list['max_delta_volume'])
        result_bat_id['Max Delta Volume'] = max_d_vol
        all_battery_dataframe = all_battery_dataframe.append(result_bat_id)

all_battery_dataframe.rename(columns = {'battid':'Battery ID', 
                                        'reduced_cell_formula':'Reduced Cell Formula', 
                                        'average_voltage':'Average Voltage (V)', 
                                        'min_voltage':'Min Voltage (V)', 
                                        'max_voltage':'Max Voltage (V)', 
                                        'nsteps':'Number of Steps', 
                                        'min_instability':'Min Instability', 
                                        'capacity_grav':'Gravimetric Capacity (units)', 
                                        'capacity_vol':'Volumetric Capacity', 
                                        'working_ion':'Working Ion', 
                                        'min_frac':'Min Fraction', 
                                        'max_frac':'Max Fraction', 
                                        'reduced_cell_composition':'Reduced Cell Composition', 
                                        'adj_pairs':'Adjacent Pairs', 
                                        'energy_grav':'Gravemetric Energy (units)', 
                                        'energy_vol':'Volumetric Energy', 
                                        'numsites':'Number of Sites', 
                                        'type':'Type'}, inplace = True)

clean_battery_df = all_battery_dataframe.set_index('Battery ID')
return clean_battery_df

As I am working only with Na ion batteries materials development, I took the data from it, and process to predict the highest gravimetric energy and capacity.

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