AIREBO potential not compatible with new version of OpenKIM

Dear all,

The AIREBO potential is not available in GULP, so I try to use this potential via OpenKIM with GULP.
However, the portable model ‘model_ArCHHeXe_BOP_AIREBO__MO_154399806462_001’ for the AIREBO potentail is only compatible with KIM API version 1.6. Unfortunately, GULP 6.0 that I use needs OpenKIM version above 2.0. Does anyone have any ideas to address this issue?

Best regards,
Zhuangli Cai

Hi Zhuangli,

Unfortunately AIREBO is not currently available in OpenKIM. The model you refer to is an older version that is no longer supported. There are plans to port a newer REBO/AIREBO implementation to OpenKIM in the future, but no date has been set.

Best wishes,

Ellad Tadmor

Hi Ellad,

Thank you for your reply. I’m looking forward to the newer REBO/AIREBO implementation.

Best wishes,
Zhuangli Cai