alloy using meam potential


i am runing the meam example for the alloy of Ni-Al with the line “pair_coeff * * …/potentials/library.meam Ni Al NULL Ni Al Ni Ni”
but a get a error what say “Did not find all elements in MEAM library file”
so I don’t know what are the missing elements.
And i want to know if is something wrong with the NULL order

Rosa Osorio

Please re-read the doc page more thoroughly. Your pair_coeff for MEAM
is used incorrectly.

"Only a single pair_coeff command is used with the meam style which
specifies two MEAM files and the element(s) to extract information
for. The MEAM elements are mapped to LAMMPS atom types by specifying N
additional arguments after the 2nd filename in the pair_coeff command,
where N is the number of LAMMPS atom types"