An alternative for pre-built LAMMPS binaries for Windows

hi everybody,

just launched this webpage providing precompiled LAMMPS binaries for windows.

there are binaries compiled in 32-bit and 64 bit with and without MPI
(MPICH2, should be the same version than the official LAMMPS binaries
for windows use). also almost all optional packages are included, and
multi-thread support as well. furthermore some add-on binaries like
restart2data, binary2text etc. and the manual are bundled.

in addition, the packages use an installer and insert themselves into
the system path, i.e. they can be be used anywhere in the system.

the whole process is largely automated and hooked up to the LAMMPS git
repository at the ICMS in philly, so there will be frequent updates.

i am not really a windows expert and the whole process is managed by
using Linux-to-windows
cross compilation, so i would very much appreciate any kind of
feedback and suggestions for improvement.