Anharmonic crystals

It happens that I have a nice (I believe), a very original paper published, with many ideas there, for anyone who is involved into simulations of pressure propagation in crystals. There are some theoretical results there as well. For instance, I found that analytical results of Schrodinger (yes, the same one responsible for quantum mechanics) from 1914 (completely unknown) and analytical results of a prof from Holland from 1974 (absolutely unknown) describe perfectly the pressure penetration.

My work is at: Radware Bot Manager Captcha

I am very willing in establishing a contact with able researches around (I am myself in Poland) for cooperation. There is a lot of problems there I see, interesting mathematically, and proper for molecular dynamics simulations, as an opportunity for adventures for minds able to think in an abstract and an non-standard way.

Zbigniew Kozioł
National Center for Nuclear Research,
Materials Research Laboratory,
05-400 Otwock-Świerk, Poland