anybody interested in LAMMPS rpms for RHEL, Fedora and others?

hi everybody,

recently, i've been working on writing a spec files to automatically
build binary rpms from the LAMMPS sources for redhat and fedora. i
have been successful to build a whole variety for fedora 18, including
the serial version, a version for OpenMPI, one for MPICH2 and the
python wrapper, all cleanly integrated into the provided build
environment and not using any non-rpm package.

[[email protected] RPMS]$ ls lammps-*

in order to set up a suitable repository server to automate updates
and further simplify installation, i need some feedback from folks
that would be using these versions:
- which version of redhat/fedora do you use?
- which platform (x86 or other, 32-bit or 64-bit) do you use?
- outside of the main lammps executable, which parts of the
distribution do you use regularly and have difficulties
compiling/installing/updating and thus would prefer a precompiled

thanks in advance,

p.s.: for various reasons, it will not be possible for me to build
versions with the GPU or USER-CUDA package installed this way.