Application of UFF potential in LAMMPS

Dear All,
I am new in MD simulation and LAMMPS. I want to use Universal Force Field (UFF) in LAMMPS simulation. Is it possible to use ? If yes, someone please share the detail. How to use it ? what will be the command for it.

In more detail, I want to simulate the diffusion between two metals like Cr and Sc. If someone can suggest any other potential for Cr and Sc it will also be helpful.

A Biswas

This is really more of a LAMMPS question than a MP one, but nonetheless consider using Pete Boyd’s lammps-interface GitHub - peteboyd/lammps_interface: automatic generation of LAMMPS input files for molecular dynamics simulations of MOFs. If you’re new to MD sims, this tool will be useful as it generates the necessary input files for basic LAMMPS sims with options for a few force fields (including UFF).

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