Aqueous stability diagram plot

Thank you for the excellent apps which truly speed the work.

When trying to plot an Electrochemical Stability diagram (or the Aqueous stability diagram) for a few perovskites, nginx doesn´t accept it and keeps returning “413 Request entity too large”.

Although I have tried with a limited number of compounds (e.g. LaFeO3, LaCoO3) it seems to be a problem for these multielement systems.

Is there a way to overcome this limitation?

Thank you.

Hi, I’m having some trouble reproducing the issue, are you trying to generate a pourbaix diagram on the website or using pymatgen? I’m able to generate a pourbaix diagram for the ground states of LaCoO3 and LaFeO3 from both the materials detail page and the pourbaix app.

Hi, thanks for the quick answer.
I am using the APP on the website.
I can also generate the Pourbaix diagram and produce the correponding jpeg file (or any of the other options).
The problem is with the “Aqueous stability diagram”, which I can generate (from the compound page) but when trying to make he jpeg the nginx keeps returning “413 Request entity too large” as if the image size is larger than the maximum allowed.
I am currently producing simple prints of screen such as this eaxmple for LaFeO3 LaFeO3_stability_full|573x500
In summary, the image file is generated OK from the Pourbaix diagram APP but that is not the case from Stability Diagram you make from the mpfile using “Generate Phase Diagram” ->“Aqueous Stability (POURBAIX)”.

Thanks again for your quick feedback.

Hi Joseph,
I am sorry to insist, bu do you know if there is a solution to produce the image?
Many thanks

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Hi @lebre

Getting the Aqueous phase stability heat map seems to work fine for mp-22590 . Can you provide a single mp-id for a material where this doesn’t work for you?

Never mind, I missed your point the first time around.

The issue is that while you can generate the aqueous phase diagram, you can’t save it to a PNG or JPEG via the dropdown menu. I think this is because we’re relying on the server-side high-charts export. We’ll try adding in the client-side export, but that is not a quick fix.

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Exactly, Shyamd.
It seems the stability diagram is larger than the maximum file size handled by the server and it fails.
There is no problem with the “usual” Pourbaix diagrams generated on the Pourbaix APP page.
It would be great if you get a fix to to that.
In the mean time I am trying to get into pymatgen to work it out.

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You can use this example notebook: to plot your own Pourbaix Heatmap in the meantime.

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Thanks. I will try that.