Respected Sir,
I installed again.
Before running ‘make mpi’, I checked ‘make package-status’. This packages indicate ‘YES’.
Installed YES: package USER-DPD

I again did ‘make mpi’ and it run properly again.
However I am still getting this error when I run:
LAMMPS (11 Aug 2017)

ERROR: Unknown atom style (…/atom.cpp:487)

Last command: atom_style dpd

Please do the needful
Thanking you.

If the current version of LAMMPS (not sure when this
was added), you can type “lmp_mine -h”
and see a list of what atom (and other) styles
are part of your executable. If dpd is not in the
style list, then you somehow did not build with it.
lmp_mine is the name of your LAMMPS exe file.