Atoms are lost in the process of using the mixed potential

My question is similar to this one[[lammps-users] Hybrid Potential].Polymers use PCFF, boron nitride uses Ttersoff, and lJ is used between them.But as soon as I start counting it, it shows up"Bond atoms 2657 2663 missing on proc 27 at step 16 ".
I really hope to get your help. Thank you.

Since I am a new user, I cannot upload attachments.

Rather than attaching files, it is usually better to upload them to Google Drive or MS One Drive or Dropbox and provide a URL.

Small files like a LAMMPS input can also be added inline (enclose with with 3 backquotes before and after to protect it from typesetting ```). For easier debugging, you should remove anything that is not required or can be avoided from the input anyway.

What do you mean by “counting”?

The reason for the error is likely very similar, i.e. bad initial geometry with atoms in close contact, bad force field parameters or bad simulation settings or a combination of those.