Atomsk: a code for manipulating atomic systems

Dear LAMMPS users,
I would like to bring to your attention a program that I have been developing in the past few years. It aims at creating, manipulating, and converting atomic systems. It supports many file formats, among which LAMMPS files formats, and also VASP, Quantum Espresso, IMD, DL_POLY, Atomeye CFG format, or xCrySDen XSF format, which makes it easy to convert files for ab initio calculations, classical potential simulations, or visualization.
This code is named Atomsk, it is free software and is available from my home page:
If you are interested feel free to give it a try. I will be happy to hear your comments or suggestions.
P. Hirel

Hi Dr. Pierre,

I’m looking at your program and will try to compile it . I like the feature to convert between different type of formats.

Some time ago (when i was at college) I tried to make a program to create lattice structures, but unfortunately it needs alot of refinement and at that time I lacked the fundamentals of Crystallography.

Anyways thanks for the info
Oscar G.

I put a link to Atomsk on the LAMMPS WWW page - thanks.