Attribute missing in the OVITO-python

I am using IdentifyDiamondModifier via the OVITO-python (version 3.9.2). I was trying to access the Global attributes of the modifier. I ran into error when I passed the following

print(data1.attributes['IdentifyDiamond.counts.OTHER'] )

KeyError: "Attribute 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.OTHER' does not exist in data collection."

I have installed OVITO python using pip install -U ovito==3.9.2

Thank you for reporting this. It seems that the global attribute for ‘OTHER’ structure types is indeed missing from the list. This is what I get for print(data.attributes):

{'SourceFrame': 0, 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.CUBIC_DIAMOND': 0, 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.CUBIC_DIAMOND_FIRST_NEIGHBOR': 0, 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.CUBIC_DIAMOND_SECOND_NEIGHBOR': 0, 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.HEX_DIAMOND': 0, 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.HEX_DIAMOND_FIRST_NEIGHBOR': 0, 'IdentifyDiamond.counts.HEX_DIAMOND_SECOND_NEIGHBOR': 0}

This shall be fixed in the next OVITO release. In the meantime, please use the following workaround:

# Select type:
    property = 'Structure Type', 
    types = {0}))

Thanks for the reply.