AttributeError while running "long-range-corrections.ipynb"

Dear all,
I’m getting the following error wile running the long-range-corrections.ipynb jupyter notebook ( advanced/long_range_corrections/long-range-corrections.ipynb · master · materials-modeling / hiphive-examples · GitLab ):

AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
Input In [49], in <cell line: 9>()
      7 ph.set_force_constants(np.zeros((len(supercell), len(supercell), 3, 3)))
      8 dynmat = ph.get_dynamical_matrix()
----> 9 dynmat.make_Gonze_nac_dataset()
     10 fc_LR = -dynmat.get_Gonze_nac_dataset()[0]

AttributeError: 'DynamicalMatrix' object has no attribute 'make_Gonze_nac_dataset'

Any idea how to solve this error?


My quick guess is this is due to a change in phonopy. Try asking Togo if you want a quick answer. Or try upgrading/downgrading phonopy. Please feel free to open an issue at our gitlab repo also.

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