Automatizing the comments in uploads

I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a way/script to automatize the comments (with a certain pattern)? For. e.g. I have a large dataset let’s say ‘Silicon’. Within ‘Silicon’ I have multiple vasp calculations (multiple folders: ENCUT200. ENCUT300, ENCUT500 etc.) each with different parameter settings. So, in the ‘Comment’ of each folder ENCUT, I want to mention the parameter values (probably 1 or 2) that are different.
  2. Just for clarification, adding a new ‘published dataset’ is possible in an old DOI dataset. Or am I wrong? I don’t know if it was intended this way, but it seems I can add a private dataset to a DOI dataset. It is not visible to others (until I make the private dataset publish) but I can delete it and so on.
  3. Suggestion: Adding a ‘Test’ button at the top bar of the main user login page so that someone doesn’t have to look for the ‘NOMAD test version’ page. This button can directly forward to the ‘Test version’ page. And vice versa to the ‘test version page’.
  4. Suggestion: Adding/highlighting the difference between fully published and embargo icon in the ‘Published’ column in uploads.
  5. Is there any desktop app of NOMAD (like Dropbox)?
  6. Suggestion: Adding a ‘warning’ (new column or flag or highlighting the dataset with color and popup note) if someone realized a particular dataset should be taken with (special scientific) caution etc. Currently one can add it to comment but probably serious scientific issues should be highlighted with caution. Also for AI probably something automatic caution statement when someone deal with (for e.g. download etc.) that dataset.

Thanks for your questions and suggestions.

  1. You can supply a nomad.json (or yaml) file with your uploads. You could generate such a file with specific comments that you generate: Using the web interface - NOMAD Documentation
  2. This is intended to allow addendums to your datasets. This should be allowed as long as the added entries are also published and hence immutable
  3. No and there are currently no plans to provide one

We will discuss your suggestions and potentially keep them as feature requests.