Avogadro software: issues when running with windows 7

Hi to everybody. Let me apologize in advance if this subject is out of the scope of this forum. Also, my problem is very basic compared to other topics, so i beg for your patience.

I am using AVOGADRO since some 6 years with good results in my activity. It runs on a Windws 7 PC and on a Windows 10 larger machine. I find it useful and quick in designing new molecules, aligning them along a preferred axis and obtaining the atoms coordinates, not to mention the generation of a .pdb file for further elaboration. Unfortunately in the last 15 days AVOGADRO suddenly started to give problems. In particular he atoms numbering of the image on the screen is different from the one of the Cartesian Editor file. I was unable to overcome this issue. This is important for my work because often I have to visually identify and check particular atoms.
If anybody suffered of the same issue and he/she was able to solve it, I will be glad to know.
Thank you so much for your attention

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