/bin/bash: lmp_serial: command not found

Dear all,

I have installed lammps via Bash and after installing all the packages and files, when I tried to execute it via “lmp_serial -in filename.txt”, it displayed the error: “/bin/bash: lmp_serial: command not found”. When I searched in src directory of lammps folder, lmp_serial file was present there, but not in bin/bash folder. I even tried to copy the “lmp_serial” file to bin/bash, but it displayed “Permission denied”. Kindly direct me to get the lammps installed with all packages. The steps I followed is in below link:

Thanking you,
Deep Patel

Hi Deep Patel,

Use “sudo cp binary-name /bin”

Please never do this. Like, never never, at all.

If you want to do a local installation on your machine, set your path
variable, e.g. by adding this line to your $HOME/.bashrc:
export PATH=/path/to/lammps/:$PATH

If you intend to use lammps on a cluster, ask your local experts for
support in setting it up.