Bin style

Hello dear friends
I have 1 question about bin and nsq style in neighbor cammand
what are nsq and bin abbreviation?
thank you

Please see the LAMMPS manual: neighbor command — LAMMPS documentation
More info on how the binning algorithm is implemented in parallel is here: 4.4.3. Neighbor lists — LAMMPS documentation and in the new LAMMPS paper.

thanks but I can’t find abbreviation of nsq and bin. Do you know what are that mean?

What are the abbreviations of these words exactly?

Those are keywords. From the documentation:

The style value selects what algorithm is used to build the list. The bin style creates the list by binning which is an operation that scales linearly with N/P, the number of atoms per processor where N = total number of atoms and P = number of processors. It is almost always faster than the nsq style which scales as (N/P)^2. For unsolvated small molecules in a non-periodic box, the nsq choice can sometimes be faster. Either style should give the same answers.