Binary does not work out for examples

Dear everybody,

I am sorry for mailing to you once again but I have a problem I cannot solve on my own.
I wanted to create my own binary which is able to use QUIP with GAP potential files.
In order to do so I installed QUIP with GAP which was rather easy and started to build lammps on that.

In my lammps build folder I used the following cmake command:

cmake -D BUILD_MPI=yes -D BUILD_DOC=yes -D LAMMPS_MACHINE=vb_mpi -C ../../cmake/presets/most.cmake -C ../../cmake/presets/nolib.cmake -D PKG_USER-QUIP=yes -D QUIP_LIBRARY=/home/jara0198/Valentin/programs/QUIP/build/linux_x86_64_gfortran/libquip.a -D PKG_USER-COLVARS=yes -D COLVARS_LEPTON=no ../../cmake

and justed typed make after that.

Now I wanted to test my binary with a GAP potential and a standard potential. For the GAP potential I received the following output:

Please read the error messages. They have nothing to do with LAMMPS, but they seem to stem from your OpenMPI installation, which appears to be trying to load infiniband support without it being configured properly.