boundaries conditions extremities


I simulated nanoindentation on a small slab with an indenter which displaces following the direction Y, the EPS method for peridynamics is used. Moreover, I used boundaries conditions P S P to have periodicity in the direction X and Z. Furthermore, I fixed the two last layers. But, after adding this boundaries conditions, I observed a change in my atomic distribution on the extremities of slab. Indeed,the two lowest layers don´t move as they are fixed but two atoms on the right side are lost. Besides, the three topest layers lost 4 atoms on the left side. Do you have any explanation ? Because, I tried those boundary conditions with MD and it works.

Thank you for your consideration


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When you say it “worked” with MD, but not with Peridynamics, I assume
that means you used a different potential. If you do bad dynamics
with a potential then you can lose atoms. I suggest you figure
out why you are losing atoms with the PD potential.