bug fix for "fix npt ... dilate group"

LAMMPS crashes when I use the "npt" fix with "dilate groupname" (or
"dilate partial"). I patched this problem and attached the effected
file "fix_nh.cpp". (Later, I'll send the files I use for testing.)

There was a typo with the existing code near fix_nh.cpp near line 251:

These lines:
        int n = strlen(arg[iarg+2]) + 1;
        id_dilate = new char[n];
should be
        int n = strlen(arg[iarg+1]) + 1;
        id_dilate = new char[n];

fix_nh.cpp (66.6 KB)

(These are the same files from the water slab example last year. I
might update those threads later.)

nptdilate_tests_mailing_list_2012-7-04.tar.gz (310 KB)