Can not redirect some mp-id in new version Materials Project website

Dear developers,

I have some old version mp databases stored locally on my computer (e.g. version 2019.05), although some ids have changed in the new version databases, they can still be automatically redirected to the correct ids in the legacy Materials Project website.
For example, mp-765880 redirect to mp-753595, mp-765889 redirect to mp-765466, mp-768063 redirect to mp-753579.
However, in the new version of Materials Project website, I cannot search for these ids, so it is an inconvenience for me, can you please fix this?

Best Wishes!

Hi @glider,

thanks for reaching out. The new website is actually redirecting these IDs. mp-753595: Mg3Fe2O5 (Monoclinic, C2/m, 12), for instance, shows the data for mp-753595 as indicated by the change of title in the tab header. The IDs on the page itself do not change, unfortunately. We are working on making this more obvious in a future release.