Can we apply periodic BC when using the SMD package?

When using the SMD package, can we apply the periodic BC?
(I do not mean the periodic BC for the z-direction for 2D simulations)

Let me take an existing simple case for example,


In this 2D case, the original setup was to pull a “rubber strip” in the y-direction. But when I want to make the width of the “rubber strip” as if infinitely long, i.e. by setting periodic BC in the x-direction, the result was still the same as non-periodic. In addition, if I modify the case to be the push situation instead of the pull, it did not work out as I expected, as shown in the attached Figures 1, 2, and 3.

Do I have to add anything extra in the input script, or doesn’t SMD support the real periodic BC yet?

I appreciate if you would share any point of view in my question.

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it looks like nobody on the mailing list is able to give advice on that. for “user” packages like this one, this is not uncommon. you can try contacting the author of the package. the e-mail address should be listed in src/USER-SMD/README