Can we divide the scattering rate into inter-band/intra-band/inter-valley?

Hi Alex,

I’ve read in the AMSET formalism that it integrates the scattering rate over the full Brillouin zone. Now since the scattering rate is k-resolved, can we divide them not in scattering mechanism (POP, IMP, and ADP) but also into inter-band scattering, intra-band scattering, and inter-valley scattering with respect to the change of k vector? Here, by inter-valley scattering I mean scattering that happens when initial state and final state are at crystal-symmetry-induced degenerate valleys (generally only initial state in the reduced BZ and final state is out of the reduced BZ but at the equivalent k-point, or vice versa).

Or if it possible to only sum the scattering rate from reduced BZ so that I can excluded scattering rate from out of the reduced BZ?

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