Cannot compile LAMPPS on IBM Power6


I have struggled to compile LAMPPS on IBM Power6. After some try I asked help from the support staff. The following is his detailed note on possible problems in compiling:

If you are using gmake you should have none of the problems
you list, assuming bash exists on your box. I would start.
You should not need to edit any files, except your

I would start by building LAMMPS with no exotic packages,
like ReaxFF. Just the standard build.

The only exception is the PRId64 issue. I seem to recall
that some iBM machines have a problem with this b/c IBM
does not use the standard Linux C include files in their
distro (thanks IBM) - no other Linux based machines have
this problem. There is
IBM-specific defs in src/lmptype.h because of this. If they
don't work for you, then someone needs to figure out how
to support 64-bit integers on that box. Read the text
in lmptype.h which gives you some ideas to try.

If these steps don't work, then please post the error that
occurs in a single step in the build process, not a collection
of files. Building a code like LAMMPS is a very logical
process, that you have to follow step by step. If something
doesn't work there is a very specific reason and the compiler/linker
is usually quite precise about telling you what the problem is.