cannot find -lmpl

Dear all,
When compiling the latest version (Sep 21) with g++, I always see this

"cannot find -lmpl". This mpi library could not be found in either mpich 1 or 2.

After -lmpl was removed, the compilation passed. But when running lmp_g++,

I see the error message:

0 - <NO ERROR MESSAGE> : Could not convert index 1140850688 into a pointer
The index may be an incorrect argument.
Possible sources of this problem are a missing "include 'mpif.h'",
a misspelled MPI object (e.g., MPI_COM_WORLD instead of MPI_COMM_WORLD)
or a misspelled user variable for an MPI object (e.g.,
com instead of comm).

Is it related to removal of -lmpl?
Is libmpl necessary?
How to fix the error?
Thanks a lot!

Could this be simply a misspell of lmpi to lmpl?

There is an mpl lib with MPICH if I recall. But it's up to
you to figure out how to link LAMMPS with the MPI you
install, i.e. where the files are, which libs to use.